131216SteinbergDec. 15, 2013

“….Rumor has it that people are urging former District Attorney Nancy Lamb to run against Republican (State) Rep. Bob Steinberg in Northeastern North Carolina….

“In Steinberg’s district, Democrats hold a 14% advantage over Republicans and unaffiliated voters hold a 4 point margin over the GOP.”

– From “Here Come the Women” by Thomas Mills at PoliticsNC (Dec. 5)

If the idea of a spectacularly misguided “ritual abuse” prosecutor pursuing a further political career seems unlikely, consider that two of the worst actors in the Fells Acres (Gerald Amirault) case – Scott Harshbarger and Martha Coakley – both went on to election as Massachusetts attorney general.

And Janet Reno, prosecutor of the Country Walk (Frank Fuster) case became U.S. attorney general.