111209WilliamsAug. 3, 2012

“Betty Ann Phillips, who had worked at the day care center, said (in the first episode of “Innocence Lost’) that she had complained to (District Attorney H.P.) Williams when she found out that indictments had been filed in her child’s name.

“She said Williams had advised her ‘not to go out on the street and say you’re unhappy with what we have done.’

“‘And then in the next sentence he said, “Because you know that all of the children are saying that you were the lookout while this was going on.”’

“In a telephone interview, Williams did not dispute that he had told Mrs. Phillips he had evidence from other children that she had acted as a lookout, but… if he made such a statement to her it was not meant as a threat.”

– The Associated Press, May 9, 1991