June 7, 2013

“One hundred and fifty-five years after it snubbed Dr. John Snow in his obituary, The Lancet is taking it back.

“The British medical journal noted that its original obituary – published June 26, 1858 – failed to mention his “remarkable achievements” in epidemiology, especially his research on the way cholera is spread….

“It’s not the first time a publication has issued a correction for work published decades ago. The New York Times corrected a 26-year-old error about horse-drawn carriages in Central Park in 2011, and once retracted a 1920 editorial that claimed space travel was impossible.”

– From “The Lancet Corrects Obituary For John Snow Published 155 Years Ago” in the Huffington Post (April 12)

If The Lancet and The New York Times can reach back in their archives to right the record, why can’t Journal of Child and Youth CareChild Abuse & Neglect and Nursing Research?