How hysterical parents, incompetent therapists and malicious prosecutors
destroyed the lives of seven innocent North Carolinians � and
have yet to admit they were wrong

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'Innocence Lost' The Frontline Series



May 7, 1991:  "Innocence Lost"

July 20, 1993: "Innocence Lost: The Verdict" Part One


July 21, 1993: "Innocence Lost: The Verdict" Part Two


May 27, 1997: "Innocence Lost: The Plea"




The 2007 John Chancellor Award went to Frontline's Ofra Bikel for her work with the PBS series.










July 20, 1993: Charlie Rose interviews Ofra Bikel on the eve of "Innocence Lost: The Verdict" airing on "Frontline."  Start the video above to watch the Bikel interview, which begins at about minute 28 of the 60-minute video.